Toga API


Generate a rate
Generating a rate requires the token, local currency and the amount you intend to send. Once a rate is generated, you can get the rate id, the rate, the wallet address and the allowed payment method(s).
  • A rate which provides:
    • The USDC amount you'll send to us. This is represented ascrypto in the total object.
    • The fiat amount we will send to your beneficiary. This is represented as fiat in the total object.
  • Wallet address: A wallet USDC address that you will fund.
  • A rate id: When you generate a rate, you'll get a rate id, a rate id is required to create a payout on Toga. Typically, every transaction must have a rate id.
  • Payment method: The payment methods that are supported for that country and currency pair. Any other payment method (i.e. type) initiated for that currency and country pair asides from the ones specificed will fail.