Toga API

How to use the Toga API

Get started with Toga API and send your first payout in just a few minutes!
The Toga payouts API allows you to send payouts to over fifteen (15) local currencies and USD to over eighty (80) countries. Follow the steps below to learn how to send funds to over eighty (80) countries using the Toga API.

Get your API key so you can make API calls successfully.

Most Toga APIs are authenticated. You would need correct authentication credentials for every call you make. Fill out this form if you are interested and we will provide you with your authentication details.
Next, you'll need to generate a rate. Generating a rate allows you to get:
  • A rate which provides:
    • The USDC amount you'll send to us.
    • The fiat amount we will send to your beneficiary.
  • A wallet address that you will fund.
  • A rate id: When you generate a rate, you'll get a rate id, a rate id is required to create a payout on Toga. Typically, every transaction must have a rate id.
Initiate the create a payout endpoint. To initiate a payout, you must:
  • Provide the beneficiary and sender details: Call the get banks API to get the bank code that applies to each bank or see this list containing the list of mobile money networks we support in each country. The details you'll provide would vary based on the country, currency and bank/mobile network.
  • Pass the rate id generated in the previous step.
  • Initiate payout.
P.S-Before initiating a payout, you can use the check funding API to confirm that we have gotten the funds. This is important because if we haven't received the funds, the payment is likely to fail.
Once you have initiated the payout successfully, you can call the get a payout endpoint to check the status of the transaction.
We are currently in the process of building webhook notifications. Once we are done building this, you should be able to enable webhook notifications so you can get notifications.